FLEXO® PET Standard


Chemical Resistance/Environmental Fluid Resistance

P.E.T. fibers are resistant to and will not show substantial loss of properties during or after 30 days immersion at 73F/23C in the following fluids; Water – Transmission Fluid – Salt Water Aviation (Jet) Fluid – Gasoline Ethylene Glycol – Motor Oil, Hydraulic Fluid – Hydrocarbon Solvents commonly used to clean electrical and electronic equipment. P. E. T. fibers will not degrade in UV light. They will retain their properties in temperatures from 125C to -70C per U.L. test methods.

MIL Specifications Applicable Documents:

MIL-202:Humidity; no degradation after 30 day exposure.
MIL-E-5272:Fungus; fungus resistant
MIL-H-5606:Hydraulic Oil-24hr. exposure; no degradation.
MIL-202:Flammability; no combustion
MIL-810-C:Environmental; Toxicity levels.


Typical Fiber Properties:

Diameter (inch):.010″ ± .0004 per ASTM D-204
Tensile (lbs):6.6 per ASTM D-204
Shrink @ 200°C (%):1-5 per ASTM D-204
Wall Size (inch):.025 ± .002 when measured according to ASTM D-876


FFLEXO® PET Standard:

Commonly used in electronic and industrial applications where economy and durability are involved.

Polyethylene terephthlate .010″ monofilament

Temperature Rating:
Melt Temp 230°C: Continuous Operating Temp: -75°C to 125°C.

Tensile Test:
90% retention of strength