Fluoropolymers – Insulation


Standard Tubing:

Provides “Slip On” protection against extreme electrical or chemical exposure or applications where abrasion resistance is critical.

Miniature Rod/Bearing:

Used as a filler, can eliminate movement of wires within a covering or can be cut into bearings, spacers, etc.

Convoluted Tubing:

Allows for insulation of wire bundles where shart bends are required.

Spiral Cut Cable Wrap:

Provides harnessing for wires and cable while allowing for leads at various points.

Material Selection:

Teflon PTFE, Teflon FEP, Teflon PFA, Tefzel ETFE, Kynar Flex PVDR



– Broadest temperature range

– Chemical resistance

– Non-contaminating

– Excellent dielectric properties

– Non-corrosive

– Non-stick surface

– Self-lubricating

– Abrasion resistant


Manufactured in accordance with Government, aerospace and other specifications, FDA compliant, UL and CSA recognzed.