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San Diego

Welcome to Port Plastics San Diego: 

If you're seeking top-quality plastic solutions in San Diego, look no further than Port Plastics. As a leading distributor of high-performance plastics, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of products to meet all your industrial and commercial needs. With our San Diego location, we bring our exceptional services closer to you, catering to businesses across various industries.

With decades of experience in the plastics industry, our team in San Diego is equipped with profound expertise and technical know-how. We are passionate about providing exceptional customer support, guiding you through the selection process, and offering valuable insights for your projects.


Port Plastics San Diego

Address:                              5985 Pacific Center Blvd #201
                                                                 San Diego, CA 92121

Toll Free:                                                           866-507-8105
Phone:                                                               858-552-0801
Fax:                                                                      858-552-0988
Email:                                   sandiego@portplastics.com

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Location Information

Industries of Focus:

Biomedical/Pharma/Healthcare Defense (Marine and Navy are local)

Equipment and Capabilities

CNC Panel saw up to 4” thick, holding +/- .010 Semi-Automatic CNC Rod Saw up to 12” diameter CNC Router, 5’ X 12’ table, fusion C

What Makes Us Different

With over a century of combined experience, we specialize in high-performance mechanical plastics. Our expertise spans various plastic manufacturing processes, including injection molding, automation, assembly, and more.

We manage projects from start to finish, ensuring a simplified process for our customers. If a job can't be done in-house, we have trusted partners and oversee all aspects to deliver timely and accuratefinished plastic parts at competitive prices.