Acculam ® Matrix HT™ G14

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Data Sheet

Acculam ® Matrix HT ™ G14 is a new thermoset composite comprised of woven fiberglass and a unique blend of high-temperature resin binders designed for applications that demand superior performance at elevated temperatures. Designed as a cost-effective alternative to Engineered Thermoplastics, Matrix HT G14 has outstanding flexural and impact strength, maintains a high percentage of mechanical; insulating properties up to 500oF. Matrix HT G14 offers excellent dimensional stability and creep resistance as well as good resistance to moisture, chemicals, alkali, and acids. It does not melt or soften at elevated temperatures and offers users extended application capability beyond typical NEMA grades. Advantages of Acculam ® Matrix HT ™ G14:

  • Extreme high-temperature performance with a Tg of 536°F
  • Low-cost replacement of engineered thermoplastic plastics
  • Superior mechanical strength versus the thermoplastic competition
  • High Machinability