Acrycast Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet

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Acrycast Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheets are cast acrylic products produced in clear or colored sheets. Production specifications for Acrycast sheet deliver the highest available levels of quality, performance and consistency in cell cast acrylic. Our high manufacturing volume, sustained by high stocking and sales quantities through our branch network, assure our low costs and prices that keep our customers competitive and profitable.   Long-term aesthetics indoors and out:
  • Crystal clear; transmits 92% of visible light
  • Resists weathering and crazing outdoors
  • Greater surface hardness than extruded acrylic sheet
  Predictable, consistent behavior in production:
  • Lower, more uniform stress levels than extruded sheet
  • More stable and predictable in forming and fabrication
  • Thermoforms at temperatures from 280°F - 320°F
  • Easily saw cut, drilled, routed, machined, bonded, cemented, fastened and heat formed
  • Laser-cuts with little to no burring
  Reliable performance in use
  • Impact strength 8-10 times that of plate glass
  • More dimensionally stable than extruded sheet
  • Solid all-around balance of mechanical properties
  • Less than half the weight of glass for easier, safer handling
  Consistently unbeatable price:
  • Acrycast sheet couples its end-use application benefits with a cost-effective bonus for your bottom line