ACRYLITE® Satinice Series

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ACRYLITE® Satinice acrylic sheets are resistant to traces of wear and finger marks, and technologically developed to have the perfect balance between transmission and diffusion. The ACRYLITE® Satinice series are designed to enhance any environment with light and brilliance.    Advantages of ACRYLITE® Satinice:

  • Grades with varying degrees of light diffusion
  • Balanced ratio of light diffusion and transmittance
  • Resistant to traces of wear
  • Excellent light transmission and brilliance
  • 100% recyclability
  • High weather resistance
  • Easy fabrication
  • Lightweight – about half the weight of glass
  • 11x the impact strength of glass
  • Some grades meet food contact requirements


  • Architectural lighting, decorative glazing, privacy partitions, shelves, furniture, POP, retail/store fixture displays, and exhibition booths
  • Wall paneling in architectural applications
  • White/translucent grades as lens for luminaries and skylights
  • Tubes for architectural lighting

Available ACRYLITE® Satinice Materials:

  • ACRYLITE® Satinice Sheet – velvet texture, cast
    • Velvety frosted surface on one or both sides
    • Light diffusing
    • Extremely easy to machine and fabricate
    • Wide range of thicknesses and colors available
    • Fingerprint and scratch resistant surface
  • ACRYLITE® Satinice Sheet – satin texture, optimum light diffusion, extruded
    • Soft frosted surface
    • Light diffusing beads evenly distributed throughout material
    • Texture is retained after thermoforming
    • Excellent balance between light diffusion and light transmission
    • Fingerprint and scratch resistant surface

  • ACRYLITE® Satinice Sheet – crystal surface, extruded
    • Durable textured surface
    • Excellent thickness tolerance
    • Texture is retained after thermoforming
    • Texture on surface – clear throughout
    • Fingerprint and scratch resistant surface