ACRYLITE® Satinice Series

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The ACRYLITE® Satinice Series redefines elegance in acrylic design, offering a sophisticated matte finish that beautifully diffuses light and eliminates glare. This premium acrylic is perfect for a range of applications, from architectural features that demand a modern aesthetic to retail displays that require a touch of sophistication. The Satinice Series is particularly well-suited for lighting applications, signage, and decorative elements where its light-diffusing properties can be utilized to create soft, uniform illumination.

  • ELEGANT MATTE FINISH: ACRYLITE® Satinice Series offers a beautiful matte surface that diffuses light to eliminate glare, enhancing any design aesthetic.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Ideal for creating visually stunning architectural features, retail displays, and interior design elements that require a sophisticated touch.
  • LIGHT DIFFUSING: Perfectly diffuses light to create a soft, uniform illumination, ideal for lighting applications, signage, and decorative elements.
  • EASY TO FABRICATE: Can be cut, drilled, and shaped with ease, allowing for custom designs and applications without compromising the matte finish.
  • DURABLE AND IMPACT RESISTANT: Offers the strength and durability expected from ACRYLITE® products, with added impact resistance for use in high-traffic areas.
  • FROSTED APPEARANCE: The Satinice series provides a frosted glass look with the lightweight, shatter-resistant benefits of acrylic.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Like all ACRYLITE® products, the Satinice series is recyclable, promoting sustainable design practices.

Fabrication is straightforward, allowing designers and fabricators to cut, drill, and shape the material into custom designs while maintaining the integrity of the matte finish. Its durability and impact resistance make it a practical choice for areas with high traffic, offering the elegant look of frosted glass but with the lightweight, shatter-resistant advantages of acrylic. The ACRYLITE® Satinice Series is also an eco-friendly choice, supporting sustainable design and construction practices with its recyclability. Whether for commercial or residential projects, the Satinice Series brings an element of refined elegance to any space.

Architects, interior designers, lighting designers, and fabricators seeking a sophisticated matte finish acrylic for architectural features, retail displays, and decorative elements.