ACRYLITE® Textures (FFV)

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ACRYLITE® Textures FFV introduces a new dimension of design possibilities with its distinctive range of tactile surfaces. This innovative acrylic material is designed to add depth and dynamic visual interest to any project, making it ideal for designers and architects looking to push the boundaries of traditional design. The unique textures offer enhanced privacy while still allowing light to pass through, creating intriguing light diffusion effects that can transform spaces and objects into works of art. Whether used for architectural lighting, decorative panels, partitions, or creative installations, ACRYLITE® Textures FFV brings a level of sophistication and uniqueness to any environment.

  • DISTINCTIVE TEXTURES: ACRYLITE® Textures FFV provides a variety of dynamic, tactile surfaces, adding depth and dimension to any project.
  • ENHANCED PRIVACY: Ideal for applications requiring light transmission with privacy, such as partitions and decorative panels.
  • LIGHT DIFFUSING: Effectively diffuses light to create unique lighting effects, perfect for architectural lighting and creative installations.
  • DURABLE AND IMPACT RESISTANT: Maintains the strength and durability ACRYLITE® is known for, ensuring longevity in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN APPLICATIONS: Can be used in a wide range of projects, from commercial and retail spaces to residential interiors.
  • EASY TO FABRICATE: The material's versatility allows for cutting, drilling, and shaping to fit custom design needs without losing texture integrity.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: As with all ACRYLITE® products, the Textures series is recyclable, aligning with sustainable design practices.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this textured acrylic is durable and impact-resistant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, and easy to fabricate to meet specific design requirements. Committed to sustainability, ACRYLITE® ensures that the Textures series is recyclable, supporting eco-friendly projects and practices. From commercial and retail designs to innovative residential applications, ACRYLITE® Textures FFV offers unparalleled versatility and creativity in design.