Anti-microbial Plastics Used In Food Prep & Production

Anti-microbial plastic offers peace  

Antibacterial products are created by incorporating biocide to suppress the growth of bacteria on the surfaces of products through a process called zone inhibition that helps to control growth of  bacteria, fungus and algae.  

Anti-microbial plastics such DENSETEC┬« ANTI-MICROBIAL manufactured by Polymer Industries play an important role in food processing. Antimicrobial plastics have gained significant interest in the food industry due to their ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms on surfaces. 

Polymer Industries DENSETEC┬« advanced anti-microbial technology protects material against bacterial degradation for the lifetime of the product. It is treated with an anti-microbial agent to inhibit bacterial or fungal growth and is resistant to deterioration by mold, fungus, or mildew.  


  • Food Processing Equipment 
  • Food Preparations Surfaces 
  • Cutting Boards 
  • Healthcare Facilities  
  • Sports Arena  
  • Medical Cabinets 
  • Sterilization Centers 
  • Schools 


  • Surface is easily cleaned with household disinfectant 
  • Improved hygienic environment 
  • non-porous surface limits absorption 
  • Minimizing the risk of cross-contamination  
  • Compliant with Health Regulations 
  • Odor and moisture-resistant 
  • Stain and scratch-resistant 
  • Easy to fabricate 

Contact port plastics when selecting the thermal anti-microbial food and sanitization applications. We have a deep understanding of the various types of engineered plastics and how they can best be utilized. Portplastics.Com/industries-served/food-beverage-industry/ 

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Anti-microbial plastics used in food prep & production