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Solutions for Subsea Applications

The growing need for energy has created the need to go deeper into the reserves located under the ocean floor. This has created unique challenges with respect to the exploration and production of oil and gas reservoirs.

Due to the high pressure, significant temperature gradients and harsh environments in deep-water, the subsea systems and equipment are subjected to complex and harsh load cases. Plastic materials must withstand these conditions along with providing longevity as applications are difficult to access.

Röchling offers a full range of solutions developed to bring value and performance to the Subsea industry. Whether for ROVs (Remote Offshore Vehicles), connectors for communication or electrical systems, pipeline systems or subsea tree & wellhead components, Röchling has a unique portfolio of materials.


  • SUSTAMID 6G– form polymerized Polyamide 6 offering corrosion resistance, low weight and excellent impact resistance in ROV bucket and thruster nozzles.
  • STARIN C (POM C)– Offering weight reduction in applications such as well head removal caps.
  • SUSTAPEI– with low moisture, high dimensional stability, impact resistance and good electrical properties for connectors and communication applications
  • SUSTA PEEK– with high load bearing capacity, dimensional stability and chemical resistance SUSTAPEEK is an excellent choice for support structures.

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