Lower Your Stress with Fluorseals Isostatic Molded Tubes

Fluorseals Isostatic Molded Tubes

Isostatic molding is a process whereby pressure is applied evenly in all directions as the part is being molded. If you compare molding which is a process which applies pressure in only one direction. Isostatic molding results in a lower stress near net part that can be machined to tight tolerances with minimal movement and superior properties. This has a significant advantage when used to machine applications used in Chemical Processing for valves such as seals and gaskets.

Flourseals Offered Products

Fluorseals offers a full range of products using isostatic molding that delivers exceptional properties such as:

  • Isotropic properties
  • Low porosity
  • Lower stress
  • Thin wall capability while maintaining properties.

FLUORSEALSISOSTATIC LINE OF products featuring Fluteck™ p-ptfe:

  • From 40mm to 140mm OD (1.57” to 4.97”)
  • In 600mm lengths (23.6”)
  • With wall thicknesses ranging from only 3.5mm up to 10mm (0.137” to 0.393”)

Fluorseals has a wide range of unique & extremely high value solutions for the oil, gas and chemical processing industries. Whether for valves, compressors or pumps contact your local port plastics for all your plastic material needs. #porttechtips #portplastics

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