Properties and Semiconductor Apllications

What Properties Really Matter?

Far too often, Semiconductor plastics applications are grouped under one large single category. However, the reality is that plastics are used throughout many facets of the Semiconductor industry. For this reason, Port Plastics segments the plastics Semiconductor market in terms of the environmental and mechanical conditions the plastic will need to perform under.

Each plastics segment has a unique set of properties that are critical to the performance of the finished application. For each of the segments, we drill down into each property that is critical, and based on the specific application requirements we can optimize the material selection based on everything the global plastic industry has to offer.

Whether it is surviving 7 KW of oxygen plasma in an etch chamber, machining a precision placed 0.08 mm hole on a test socket, or surviving an aggressive acid wash in a wet process tool, it is critical to understand all facets of the requirements for each of the segments within Semiconductor plastics applications and matching it to the optimal plastic. That’s our game! Port Plastics has developed comprehensive portfolios with detailed technical information for each segment of the plastics value chain including:

  • Back End Test
  • Wet Process & CMP
  • Infrastructure including Clean Room
  • Dry Environment
  • Vacuum Chamber

Semiconductor Plastic Properties:

Key Property Back End Test Wet Process Infrastructure Dry Environment Vacuum Chamber
Tensile Elongation          
FM 4910 Compliance / Flammability          
Static Dissipation          
Flexural Modulus          
Chemical Resistance          
Purity / Leaching          
Color Control          
Moisture Absorption          
Melt Point / Glass Transition Temp          
Plasma Resistance          

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