Selecting Products for Structural Wet Process Applications

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Selecting Products for Structural Wet Process Applications 

In the manufacture of an IC chip from a wafer there are many process tools (equipment) used to perform the cricial steps needed. As a plastics specialist, we tend to put those process tools into four major groups depending on the environment the plastic is expected to perform. One such area is the Wet Process Tool. Wet Process Tools include but are not limited to FEOL & BEOL clean tools, wet etch, strip and ECD (Electrochemical Deposition). Given the nature of being wet processes, plastic materials are commonly used to construct much of the infrastructure of the process tool. Materials used to construct Wet Process Tools can usually be categorized into two broad groups, wafer mobility and component level applications or structural & chamber level applications.

Structural applications are defined by the plastic products used to construct the structural portion of the equipment. Some examples of structural Wet Process applications include: 

  • Wet Benches 
  • Chamber machines ceiling and bases 
  • Tanks and Bezels
  • Internal chamber structures 
  • Liners 

For structural applications, the factors that are key to consider for material selections are: 

  • Purity
  • pH of the chemical solution
  • Chemical resistance 
  • FM-4910 compliance 
  • Flatness and Weldability 
  • Consistency of Color 

FM-4910 Compliant Material Comparison

  FR Polypropylene  PVC & CPVC  PVDF ECTFE PFA
Chemical Resistance & pH poor in high acid @ RT

good for weak acid & base

pH good up to 11 bulletproof  bulletproof
Dimensional Stability  low  medium very good up to 175ºC better up to 240ºC best up to 305ºC
Relative Purity  low moderate high ultra pure ultra pure
Operating Temperatures ~90ºC 60ºC - 90ºC 120ºC 150ºC 215ºC
Relative Cost  $ $$ $$$ $$$+ $$$$$

Some common materials for Wet Process Tools structural applications can be found in the table along with general performance levels. These are general product comparisons and like any product there are various grades of each material designed to meet your unique requirements. To custom fit a material to your application you can contact your local Port Plastics sales office. 

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