Stop Eroding Your Cash! MCAM Semitron® MPR-1000

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Stop Eroding Your Cash! MCAM Semitron® MPR-1000

Oxygen plasma is used in Etch Chambers to clean chambers between cycles. The use of oxygen plasma combined with increasing electrode powers has inhibited the use of engineering thermoplastics as the energized plasma attacks the carbon backbone covalent bonds which results in the erosion of the plastic material into the chamber. 

This erosion can find its way onto the wafer creating issues as well as shortening the life of the consumable part in the chamber. Still, plastic materials have value when able to be used in the chamber. Coated metals can create issues with contamination while quartz and ceramics can be quite expensive and prone to breakage. 

MCAM has developed Semitron® MPR-1000, a unique blend of extremely high temperature base resin with inert semicon- ductor grade ceramic that provides up to 25X lower erosion in Oxygen plasma than Standard Polyimide at 2.5KW in a vacuum. The material is available in rod, plate or tube. 

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