Thinking Clearly Now! Amidelux® - Westlake Plastics Extruded Clear Nylon 

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Thinking Clearly Now! Amidelux® - Westlake Plastics Extruded Clear Nylon 

In the manufacture of IC chips, Wet Processes are used extensively to build layers, create the features and clean wafers between the many process steps. Whether its particulate removal, photoresist removal or laying down the copper wire interconnects, wet process tools are highly specialized systems operating at a nano scale. As device geometries continue to shrink (now approaching 5nm) wafer clean & ECD processes are becoming more prevalent and the processes more precise and more demanding. This translates to increased usage of wet chemicals designed to clean the minute features while not harming the delicate structures such as found in complex features such as 3D NANO structures. 

Given the above, there is the need for chemical resistant pure polymers to be used in applications throughout the wet process tools. However, there has been an increasing desire for clear products that offer chemical resistance, scratch resistance and toughness for applications such as tank windows, process view ports & shields. Lets face it, polycarbonate does not offer adequate chemical resistance nor scratch resistance for todays wet process tools. Westlake Plastics has developed a clear PA (Nylon) that is available in film, thin plate and thick plate form. The thin plate can be thermoformed and is available from 1.5mm to 4 mm thickness (0.060''  to 0.160''). The thick plate is available in thickness ranging from 6mm to 150mm thick! (0.25'' to 6''). 

Amidelux® is clearly the perfect solution for those wet applications that need transparency! 

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