Duratron® T4301 PAI (Torlon®)

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Product Name: Duratron® T4301 PAI

Duratron® T4301 PAI is engineered for peak performance in wear and friction parts, setting a new standard in advanced engineering plastics. With a flexural modulus of 1,000,000 psi, it surpasses most plastics in terms of durability and strength. This grade is specifically designed for severe service wear applications, excelling in roles where traditional lubrication is not feasible. Its low expansion rate and coefficient of friction, coupled with minimal slip-stick behavior, make Duratron® T4301 PAI an exceptional choice for high-stress environments.

  • LOW EXPANSION RATE: Its minimal thermal expansion ensures stable performance across a range of temperatures and conditions.
  • LOW COEFFICIENT OF FRICTION: Offers smooth operation and reduced wear, making it ideal for applications requiring sustained mechanical performance.
  • SLIP-STICK RESISTANCE: Exhibits little to no slip-stick, ensuring reliable and consistent functioning in all uses.
  • EXCEPTIONAL WEAR RESISTANCE: With outstanding durability, it is perfectly suited for non-lubricated bearings, seals, and other wear-intensive components.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Ideal for non-lubricated bearings, seals, bearing cages, and reciprocating compressor parts, meeting a wide range of industrial needs.

Duratron® T4301 PAI's unique properties, including its high flexural modulus and excellent wear resistance, make it a superior material for severe service wear applications. Discover the robust performance of Duratron® T4301 PAI at Port Plastics for your critical industrial applications.