Fluorosint® 500

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Product Name: Fluorosint® 500 PTFE

Fluorosint® 500 PTFE redefines the boundaries of performance, offering a remarkable fusion of enhanced durability and precision engineering. With a deformation resistance nine times greater than that of unfilled PTFE, its unique properties set a new standard for high-performance materials. The coefficient of linear thermal expansion closely matches that of aluminum and is significantly lower than that of virgin PTFE, virtually eliminating fit and clearance issues in complex assemblies. Moreover, Fluorosint® 500's hardness exceeds virgin PTFE by a third, offering superior wear characteristics while maintaining its inherently low frictional properties. This non-abrasive material is compatible with most mating surfaces, ensuring longevity and reliability in application.

  • ENHANCED DURABILITY: Exhibits a deformation resistance nine times higher than unfilled PTFE, setting a new benchmark for strength and reliability.
  • THERMAL STABILITY: Matches the thermal expansion rate of aluminum, minimizing fit and clearance problems in varying temperatures.
  • IMPROVED HARDNESS: At 1/3 harder than virgin PTFE, Fluorosint® 500 delivers better wear characteristics and longevity.
  • LOW FRICTION: Maintains low frictional properties, ensuring efficient operation across a multitude of applications.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Non-abrasive to most mating materials, Fluorosint® 500 extends the lifespan of both the product and its counterparts.

Through a proprietary process that chemically bonds synthetically manufactured mica to virgin PTFE, Fluorosint® 500 achieves a level of dimensional stability and low-friction performance not possible with traditional reinforced PTFE. This innovative material from Port Plastics, designed for applications demanding the utmost in reliability and precision, stands as a testament to the power of advanced engineering and material science.