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HYGARD® CG polycarbonate laminate containment grade sheet that meets ASTM F 1915 and HP White TP 0500. Unlike glass-clad products, this all-polycarbonate laminate resists spalling and white-out after repeated high force impacts, an advantage in maintaining visibility during an attack. All HYGARD products incorporate TUFFAK polycarbonate sheet produced for high optical quality. Exterior surfaces have a proprietary TUFFAK AR hard coat that facilitates cleaning and resists marring, chemical attack, and graffiti. Advantages of HYGARD® CG:
  • Meets ASTM F 1915
  • Resists spalling and white-out
  • High optical quality
  • Containment security glazing
Available Colors:
  • Clear
  • H16 Green
  • 7235 Green