Ketron® GF30 PEEK

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Ketron® PEEK GF30 (30% Glass-Reinforced) grades offer chemical and hydrolysis resistance similar to PPS but can operate at higher temperatures. The addition of glass fibers significantly reduces the expansion rate and increases the flexural modulus of PEEK. This grade is ideal for structural applications that require improved strength, stiffness or stability, especially at temperatures above 300°F (150°C). For hostile environments, PEEK is a high strength alternative to fluoropolymers. PEEK carries a V-O flammability rating and exhibits very low smoke and toxic gas emission when exposed to flame. Advantages of Ketron® PEEK GF30:
  • V-0 flammability rating
  • Low smoke and toxic gas emission
  • Reduces the expansion rate
  • Increases the flexural modulus of PEEK
  • Structural applications that require improves strength, stiffness, or stability