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Discover the resilience and versatility of Kytec®, a premier offering from Port Plastics designed to conquer the challenges of harsh environments. As a homopolymer of 1,1-difluoroethene, this tough engineering thermoplastic showcases a unique balance of properties that ensure reliability across a spectrum of demanding applications. With its exceptional resistance to thermal, chemical, and UV degradation, Kytec® stands as the material of choice for industries facing the toughest operational conditions.

  • EXTREME DURABILITY: Kytec® maintains strength up to 280°F, ideal for high-temperature applications. Offers unmatched mechanical strength and toughness in harsh conditions.
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Excellently resists most acids, bases, and solvents. Perfect for handling wet or dry chlorine, bromine, and other halogens, ensuring safety and integrity in critical environments.
  • ABRASION AND UV RESISTANCE: Boasts superior abrasion resistance and remains stable under UV exposure. Essential for outdoor or high-wear applications, protecting against degradation.
  • DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: With good dielectric strength, Kytec® is suitable for electrical insulation applications. Ensures reliable performance in electrical and electronic components.
  • THERMAL STABILITY: Demonstrates excellent thermal stability, retaining properties across a broad temperature range. Ideal for industries requiring materials that withstand extreme heat.
  • HIGH PURITY: Meets FDA and USDA requirements for direct food contact, making it a safe choice for food and beverage processing equipment.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL RESISTANCE: Offers resistance to weathering, ultraviolet, and nuclear radiation, ensuring long-term performance in demanding outdoor and hazardous conditions.

Boasting high dielectric strength, thermal stability, and resistance to abrasion, Kytec® is engineered to support a plethora of applications, from electrical insulation to outdoor structural components. Embrace the durability, safety, and purity of Kytec® for your next project and elevate your operations with a material crafted to meet the demands of today’s industries. Trust in Kytec® from Port Plastics for unparalleled performance where it matters most.