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Discover the revolutionary Mykroy/Mycalex® materials at Port Plastics, a game-changing fusion between the resilience of ceramics and the versatility of high-end polymers. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of industries ranging from semiconductor to aerospace, Mykroy/Mycalex® stands out with its exceptional thermal and electrical properties, surpassing those of most organic plastics.

  • BRIDGING MATERIALS: Mykroy/Mycalex® merges high-end polymers with ceramics, offering a unique solution with a coefficient of thermal expansion close to metals. Ideal for precision applications requiring stability.
  • SUPERIOR PROPERTIES: Features electrical and thermal properties surpassing most organic plastics. Ensures reliability and performance in demanding environments.
  • MACHINABILITY AND DURABILITY: These dense, rigid materials are easily machined to meet precise specifications, impervious to moisture, arc resistant, and withstand thermal cycling and nuclear radiation.
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE RANGE: Operates continuously from -330°F to 1470°F, accommodating extreme temperature applications. Available in MM400, MM500, MM600, and MM800 grades for varied heat requirements.
  • NON-OUTGASSING: Unlike organic materials, Mykroy/Mycalex® does not out-gas, smoke, or burn, making it suitable for cleanroom applications in the semiconductor industry and beyond.
  • ARC AND MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Offers exceptional arc resistance and is unaffected by moisture, enhancing its utility in electrical and electronic applications.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FORMS: Produced in sheet, rod, and machined parts to precise customer specifications, ensuring versatility and adaptability across industries.

Engineered for excellence, Mykroy/Mycalex® materials boast superior machinability, allowing for the creation of precise components that are dense, rigid, and impervious to moisture. Their arc resistance and ability to withstand thermal cycling and nuclear radiation further extend their applicability across critical and high-stakes settings. Notably, these materials stand as a paragon of safety and cleanliness, exhibiting zero out-gassing, smoke, or combustion, ideal for sensitive and sterile environments.

Choose Mykroy/Mycalex® for your next project and leverage the unmatched combination of ceramic's durability and polymer's flexibility. Port Plastics is proud to supply this innovative material in various forms, including sheets, rods, and custom-machined parts, to meet and exceed precise industry specifications. Elevate your project's performance with Mykroy/Mycalex® – where engineering meets excellence.