NEMA Grade G-7 (High Temperature Glass Silicone Rod)

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Atlas Fibre Rod is uniformly dense and solid material. It is produced by the application of heat and pressure to layers of paper, cotton fabric, or glass cloth impregnated with a synthetic resin.The material is then turned and precision ground into rods of various grades, colors and diameters, all of which are readily machinable into finished parts. The materials are exceptionally versatile because of their unusual combination of properties.   Characteristics: - All grades are light in weight (about half the weight of aluminum) - Will not soften appreciably under the reapplication of heat - Dense and structurally strong - Resistant to moisture - Good electrical insulators   A continuous woven glass fabric laminated with a silicone resin to produce the most temperature resistant grade. Grade G-7 can be used where resistance to continuous operating temperatures of 425°F is required. Grade G-7 is self-extinguishing, has good electrical properties under humid conditions, and has excellent heat and arc resistance.