Norplex-Micarta® NP510A (NEMA FR-4) - Epoxy Glass Sheet

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Data Sheet

Norplex-Micarta® NP510A (NEMA FR-4) - Epoxy Glass Sheet combines a woven glass fabric and an epoxy resin laminate (Tg approximately 130°C) that contains bromine. The product provides consistent quality and good electrical properties under dry and humid conditions, as well as high flexural, impact and bond strength at room temperatures. This product is suitable for a variety of structural, high humidity, and electrical insulation applications, which include terminal boards, lapping carriers, and disc and microelectronics polishing. NP510A complies with the requirements of MIL-I-24768/27, Type GEF-F. Advantages of Norplex-Micarta® NP510A (NEMA FR-4):

  • Good electrical properties
  • High flexural strength
  • High impact strength
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Certifications:
    • ASTM Grade FR-4
    • MIL-I-24768/27 Type GEE-F
    • NEMA FR-4
    • IEC EP GC 202
    • IPC 4101/21
    • UL Listed Product


  • Terminal boards
  • Lapping carriers
  • Disc
  • Microelectronics polishing