Norplex-Micarta® NP611 (NEMA XP) - Phenolic Paper Sheet

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Data Sheet

Norplex-Micarta® NP611 (NEMA XP) - Phenolic Paper Sheet is a hot-punching paper based phenolic grade. With mechanical properties approaching those of NP610, NP611 also offers improved electrical and punching characteristics. NP611 is a warm to hot punching grade, used for switch parts and other applications that need good moisture resistance, such as switch bases, terminal boards, insulating washers, and other intricate punched parts. NP611 complies with the requirements of MIL-I-24768/19, Type PBM-P.   Advantages of Norplex-Micarta® NP611 (NEMA XP):

  • Improved electrical and punching characteristics
  • Good moisture resistance
  • Certifications:
    • ASTM Grade XP
    • NEMA XP
    • MIL-I-24768/19 Type PBM-P
    • IEC PF CP 201


  • Switch bases
  • Terminal boards
  • Insulating washers
  • Intricate punched parts