Nylatron® 66 SA FST

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Nylatron® 66 SA FST is a specifically designed polymer solution for aircraft interior applications. Its unique features make it the first engineering plastic product of its kind available as semi-finished shapes (rods and sheets). Fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) retardant capabilities enable Nylatron® 66 SA FST to withstand extreme temperatures up to 175 ºC. The material is particularly suitable for any kind of application where metal parts (e. g. brackets, seal bushings, slide rails and duct seals) or high performance polymers have traditionally been specified. With Nylatron® 66 SA FST is  a commercially attractive solution for interior applications in aircraft. Nylatron® 66 SA FST has passed tests to comply with Federal Aviation Regulations FAR 25.853 – the first engineering plastic shape to achieve this standard and offering engineers a safe material solution. Advantages of Nylatron® 66 SA FST:
  • JAR/FAR 25.853 compliant
  • Absolutely reliable and constant flame, smoke and toxicity retardant compared to standard Nylon 66
  • Balanced property profile
  • Beneficial cost-performance-ratio
  • Lightweight (60% weight saving compared to aluminum)
  • Very low noise development
  • Easy to machine
  • Wear-friendly to mating surfaces