OPTIX-L Designer Series

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OPTIX-L Designer Series is a series of cast acrylic materials that consist of contemporary colors and edges for modern designs. The OPTIX-L Designer Series consists of continuous cast acrylic with Lucite monomer for superior clarity. OPTIX-L gives designers and fabricators excellent aesthetics, ultimate flexibility, and craze resistance. Advantages of the OPTIX-L Designer Series:
  • Great for modern or contemporary design
  • Superior clarity
  • Craze resistance
Available OPTIX-L Designer Colors:
  • OPTIX-L Myst:
    • Chic frosted look that softly diffuses light and adds elegance
    • Frost effect maintained through any processing or fabrication
  • OPTIX-L Metropolitan:
    • Sleek and sophisticated urban style
    • Transparent sheet with monotone edge color
  • OPTIX-L Vario:
    • Striking tropical edge coloring
    • Eye catching interior design applications
  • OPTIX-L Fluorescent:
    • Give POP displays an electrifying edge
    • Vivid contemporary color