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Orkot® Marine Bearings

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Orkot® Marine Bearings are manufactured from a unique synthetic composite incorporating solid lubricants to ensure outstanding wear life. With virtually no swelling in seawater and a very low thermal coefficient of expansion, the bearings provide dimensional stability in arctic and tropical seas. In addition, they do not corrode or promote corrosion of the housing and shaft and tolerate both edge loading and misalignment. Available products:
  • Orkot® TLMM Marine is a standard material incorporates a woven fabric reinforcement and solid lubricants within a thermosetting resin matrix. It can be used in conjunction with water and grease lubrication, running dry for limited periods.
  • Orkot® TXMM Marine is a further development of Orkot® TLM Marine, Orkot® TXMM Marine utilizes a specialized bearing surface to extend its dry running capabilities, reducing friction and wear rates. The material can also be used with grease and water lubrication.
Advantages of Orkot® TLM and TXM Marine:
  • Virtually no swell in water
  • High impact strength
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High load capacity
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Operates in fresh or salt water without lubrication
  • Reduced thermal softening and minimal creep
  • Ease of machining
  • Marine bearings
  • Stem tube bearings
  • Rudder bearings
  • Water-lubricated bearings
  • Greaseless bearings
  • Dry-running bearings
  • Commercial and defense
  • Deck machinery