Duratron® 7000

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
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Enhanced Performance with Duratron® 7000 PI

Duratron® 7000 from Port Plastics is the perfect solution for applications where thermal requirements exceed that of conventional materials. Its impressive high-termperature performance, chemical resistance, easy machining, high strength and toughness make it a versatile choice for semi-conductor, aerospace and electronics manufacturing.


      • Performs well at elevated temperatures
      • Excellent chemical resistance
      • Can be easily machined
      • Offers high strength and dimensional stability
      • Available in rod, sheet, and tubular forms
      • Suitable for structural and wear parts for varied industries.

Duratron® 7000 PI is excellently suited for engineers in semiconductor, aerospace, and electronics industries, lending massive value to high-demand manufacturing applications by increasing process uptime.

        • HIGH TEMPERATURE PERFORMANCE: Duratron® 7000 is designed for operations under temperatures below 600˚F, suitable for a wide array of applications. Ensuring high performance and durability.
        • STRONG CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Duratron® 7000 boasts superior chemical resistance suitable for applications involving harsh chemicals. It assures long-lasting performance.
        • EASILY MACHINED: Duratron® 7000 features easy machinability, making it exceptionally versatile for any industrial application. Ideal for reducing weight and maintenance requirements.
        • HIGH STRENGTH MATERIAL: Duratron® 7000 made with PI materials provides high strength. Suitable for high-demand environments and perfect for increasing process uptime.
        • APPLICATIONS VARIETY: Duratron® 7000 can be efficiently used in valve and pump seats, seal production and suitably features high wear surface area, offering benefits to a diverse audience.
        • TOUGH AND STABLE: Duratron® 7000 is tough and dimensionally stable, ensuring longevity for parts and fixtures in industries such as aerospace, semiconductor, and electronics manufacturing.
        • VARIOUS FORMS: Available as rods, sheets, and tubular forms, Duratron® 7000 allows versatility of use in different manufacturing capacities.