Polystone® M XDT – X-ray detectable UHMW-PE

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Polystone® M XDT is a specialized UHMW-PE material designed to enhance operational safety and efficiency in industries where X-ray detection is crucial to prevent contamination. This innovative material is highly abrasion and wear-resistant, making it suitable for extended use in conveyor systems, chutes, hoppers, and more, where high contact and friction are common.

One of the key features of Polystone® M XDT is its X-ray detectability, which allows for easy identification of contaminants during processing, crucial in food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other applications where purity is paramount. Additionally, its low coefficient of friction ensures that mechanical components operate smoothly and with less wear, extending the lifespan of machinery and reducing downtime for maintenance.

  • X-RAY DETECTABLE: Polystone® M XDT is crafted to be detectable by X-ray systems, enhancing safety by preventing contamination in processing environments.
  • HIGH ABRASION AND WEAR RESISTANCE: Offers exceptional durability against wear and abrasion, ideal for high-contact applications.
  • LOW COEFFICIENT OF FRICTION: Facilitates smooth operations with its low friction properties, reducing maintenance and increasing efficiency.
  • ANTISTATIC PROPERTIES: Helps reduce static and electrical charges buildup, minimizing potential disruptions or hazards.
  • FDA, NSF, USDA COMPLIANT: Meets stringent regulatory standards, making it safe for use in food, pharmaceutical, and other sensitive industries.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Suitable for conveyor components, chute and hopper liners, and light-duty guides and rails in various industries.

Polystone® M XDT's ability to reduce static and electrical charges buildup is vital in environments where such factors can affect sensitive materials and processes. Compliant with FDA, NSF, and USDA standards, it meets the necessary health and safety regulations required for materials in contact with food and pharmaceutical products.

Whether used in the design of new systems or the retrofitting of existing equipment, Polystone® M XDT offers manufacturers a high-performance material that improves safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards.