Polystone® PVDF

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Polystone® PVDF from Port Plastics is a premium material choice for industries demanding exceptional chemical resistance, high-temperature resilience, and reliability. Manufactured from high-quality vinylidene-fluoride-based polymerisate, it stands out for its universal applicability, especially in the chemical and semiconductor industries. Its high purity and compliance with FM-Test 4910 make Polystone® PVDF an ideal material for semiconductor manufacturing and clean room environments. Featuring high temperature resistance, excellent chemical resistance, very good ageing and weatherability, and superior weldability, Polystone® PVDF ensures operational efficiency and durability. Whether your needs revolve around chemical processing or advanced semiconductor production, Polystone® PVDF offers a solution that meets rigorous industry standards while providing versatility and reliability.

  • EXCEPTIONAL CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Polystone® PVDF excels in environments requiring resistance to harsh chemicals. Ideal for the chemical, semiconductor industries.
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE RESILIENCE: Withstands extreme temperatures, making it perfect for applications where thermal stability is crucial.
  • AGING AND WEATHER RESISTANCE: Offers excellent longevity against aging and weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability over time.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including semiconductor manufacturing and chemical processing.
  • FM 4910 APPROVED: Meets the stringent requirements of FM-Test 4910, certifying its use in clean room and semiconductor technologies.
  • EASY MACHINABILITY: Features excellent machinability, allowing for precision fabrication into various shapes and sizes to meet specific application needs.
  • SUPERIOR WELDABILITY: Can be easily welded, providing flexibility in design and fabrication for complex industrial components.

Polystone® PVDF is ideal for professionals in the semiconductor and chemical industries. Intended Use: For manufacturing processes requiring high chemical resistance, temperature stability, and adherence to clean room standards.