Royalite® R-59

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Royalite® R-59, provided by Port Plastics, Inc., is a high-performance FR PVC/ABS blend that combines lightweight properties with exceptional safety standards. This material is UL listed for its flame rating, making it an excellent choice for applications that require stringent fire safety measures such as in medical, electrical engineering, and transportation industries. Its high heat deflection temperature means that it can perform under thermal stress, making it suitable for environments where heat resistance is necessary.

  • UL LISTED FLAME RATED: Royalite® R-59 is a PVC/ABS blend that meets stringent UL flame rating standards, ensuring safety in fire-sensitive environments.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Its lightweight nature makes it suitable for applications where weight reduction is critical without compromising on strength.
  • HIGH HEAT DEFLECTION: Capable of withstanding high temperatures, Royalite® R-59 maintains its integrity under thermal stress.
  • MVSS-302 COMPLIANT: Complies with the Motor Vehicle Specification MVSS-302, making it ideal for transportation applications.
  • HIGH IMPACT STRENGTH: Offers excellent durability and resistance to physical impacts, suitable for use in demanding industrial settings.
  • ROHS COMPLIANT: Meets RoHS standards, ensuring that the material is free of hazardous substances and suitable for use in a variety of industries.

Additionally, Royalite® R-59 complies with Motor Vehicle Specification MVSS-302, which is critical for transportation applications where safety and compliance are paramount. The material's high impact strength ensures it can withstand tough conditions, making it ideal for a range of industrial uses. As a RoHS compliant material, Royalite® R-59 is also an environmentally responsible choice, free from hazardous substances and perfect for companies looking to meet ecological standards.

Whether used in the medical sector for hospital equipment, within electrical engineering components, or transportation applications such as vehicle interiors, Royalite® R-59 provides a reliable, safe, and effective solution. Its combination of light weight, compliance with safety standards, and robust performance under physical and thermal stress makes it a preferred material for manufacturers and designers in these industries.