Sanatec® HDPE

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Sanatec® HDPE is a formulated non-porous, high density material for food processing applications with superior scratch resistance. It will not absorb moisture, bacteria, or odors. Sanatec® HDPE will not chip or peel and is dishwasher safe. Advantages of Sanatec® HDPE:
  • Specially designed textured finish will maximize product life and minimize wear on knives
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Bright natural colors for optimal clean appearance
  • Does not absorb moisture, odor, or bacteria
  • Will not chip, peel, crack, or splinter
  • Ability to use in low temperature environments such as freezers
  • In compliance with:
    • FDA
    • USDA
    • NSF
    • RoHS Compliant
    • REACH Compliant
  • Cutting boards and food prep
  • Food processing and manufacturing and components
  • Commercial or residential use