Seaboard® Lite HDPE

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Seaboard® Lite HDPE is produced utilizing co-extrusion technology that allows for solid outer surfaces with a foamed core. The core is produced with a closed cell structure that eliminates propagation of moisture within the interior and is approximately 20% less weight than solid HDPE enabling opportunities for improved performance along with cost savings. Advantages of Seaboard® Lite HDPE:
  • 20% less weight than solid (foamed core)
  • Solid skinned surface
  • Closed/small cell structure – Non-absorbent
  • Weatherability – UV stabilized
  • In compliance with:
    • FDA
    • USDA
    • RoHS
    • UL 94-HB
  • Marine and non-marine outdoor cabinetry/furniture
  • Decorative wood/metal replacement
  • Hatches and covers for recreational vehicles
  • Accessories and components