Surlyn® Ionomer

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Data Sheet

SURLYN™ Ionomers have long been a go-to option for flexible packaging formats such as sachets, pillow pouches, flow-wrap packages, composite cans and stand-up pouches. SURLYN™ Ionomers are used in a wide variety of food and non-food packaging, as well as pharma and medical packaging applications. SURLYN™ Ionomers' specific gravity (.94 - .97g/cm3) combined with its toughness and low temperature impact allows it to be used to manufacture floating buoys for the marine market.

Advantages of Surlyn® Ionomers:

  • Low sealing temperature
  • Very broad sealing temperature range
  • Excellent hot tack strength
  • Very high clarity and gloss for see-through films
  • Excellent oil/grease resistance
  • Superb thermoformability
  • Outstanding seal through contamination
  • Very good aluminum adhesion
  • Puncture resistance
  • Scratch resistance