Sustadur® PET TF - ASTM

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Discover the revolutionary Sustadur® PET TF - ASTM at Port Plastics, a material designed to transform the efficiency and durability of your industrial applications. This high-grade polyethylene terephthalate, enhanced with a PTFE additive, provides a lower coefficient of friction, making your machinery operate smoother and more effectively.

Sustadur® PET TF is not just about reduced friction; it's about enduring the toughest industrial challenges. With improved wear resistance, it stands up to repetitive use, maintaining its form and function over time. The higher limiting pressure-velocity rating means it's perfect for high-speed applications, where performance and precision are key.

Fully compliant with ASTM standards, Sustadur® PET TF - ASTM is a testament to quality and reliability in the industrial material market. The infusion of PTFE into the PET polyester elevates its performance, setting a new benchmark for industrial materials.


  • Low coefficient of friction with PTFE additive
  • Improved wear resistance
  • High pressure-velocity limit
  • Versatile for multiple industries
  • Precision-engineered for durability
  • ASTM compliant
  • Enhanced performance with PTFE infusion