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SUSTAMID 6G ESd 90 from Port Plastics is the ideal material for industries requiring the toughness of Nylon along with advanced static dissipative properties. It features high impact strength, antistatic capabilities through Carbon Fiber technology, and outstanding thermal properties with a Heat Deflection Temperature of 210º F at 264 psi. Additionally, its ability to absorb moisture up to 3% makes it versatile across various environmental conditions. Trusted in the semiconductor, packaging, and electronics industries, SUSTAMID 6G ESd 90 meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether in the electrical industry or explosion protection, its engineered excellence ensures safety, durability, and reliability in critical applications.

  • HIGH IMPACT STRENGTH: SUSTAMID 6G ESd 90 utilizes Nylon PA 6, offering exceptional toughness and durability for industrial use. Features high molecular weight semi-crystalline structure with static dissipative properties (10⁶ - 10⁹ Ω/square), ensuring reliability and performance.
  • ANTISTATIC PROPERTIES: Includes innovative Carbon Fiber technology with additives, providing antistatic capabilities essential for the electronics and explosion protection industries. Ensures safety and efficiency in sensitive environments.
  • THERMAL RESILIENCE: Boasts a Heat Deflection Temperature of 210º F at 264 psi, making it suitable for applications requiring resistance to high temperatures. Ideal for mechanical engineering and packaging industries, offering outstanding thermal properties.
  • MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Capable of absorbing up to 3% moisture in standard atmospheres, SUSTAMID 6G ESd 90 maintains its integrity and performance even in varying environmental conditions. Perfect for applications in dry environments and for ensuring long-term durability.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including the packaging, explosion protection, and electrical industries. Its unique properties make it a preferred choice for professionals in the semiconductor and electronics sectors.
  • ENGINEERED FOR EXCELLENCE: Leveraging standard Carbon Fiber technology, SUSTAMID 6G ESd 90 is designed for high-performance applications requiring both toughness and electrostatic discharge protection. A perfect blend of innovation and reliability for industrial use.
  • INDUSTRY PREFERRED: Trusted by professionals in the mechanical engineering and electronics industries for its high impact strength, antistatic properties, and thermal resilience. The go-to material for demanding industrial applications.

Professionals and companies in the semiconductor, electronics, mechanical engineering, and packaging industries looking for high-quality, durable, and reliable materials. Ideal for applications requiring antistatic properties, thermal resistance, and moisture absorption.


  • High molecular weight, Semi-crystalline PA-6, Static dissipative, Heat Deflection Temperature of 210º F, High mechanical strength, Antistatic, Moisture absorption up to 3%, Uses standard Carbon Fiber technology with additives.