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Sustarin® C ESD 90, available at Port Plastics, represents the forefront of electrically conductive acetal materials, engineered to surpass the performance of its predecessor, Sustarin® C ESD 60. This material is specially formulated to provide a high level of mechanical stability along with improved wear resistance, making it an ideal choice for applications that demand both electrical conductivity and the ability to withstand high mechanical loads.

Its advanced properties make it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including in the aerospace, semiconductor, medical, and energy sectors, where ESD protection is critical. Sustarin® C ESD 90's unique combination of electrical conductivity and mechanical durability ensures that components are not only effective in preventing static discharge but also capable of enduring the rigors of demanding environments. 

  • MECHANICAL STABILITY: Sustarin® C ESD 90 boasts unparalleled mechanical stability for demanding applications.
  • ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE: Designed to meet the needs for electrically conductive materials in high-load environments.
  • IMPROVED WEAR RESISTANCE: Enhanced resistance to wear, extending the life of components in critical applications.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Ideal for aerospace, semiconductor, medical, and energy sectors requiring ESD protection.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE MATERIAL: A top choice for industries needing both electrical conductivity and mechanical durability.

Sustarin® C ESD 90 is ideal for engineers, designers, and manufacturers across the aerospace, semiconductor, medical, and energy sectors looking for a reliable material solution that offers both electrical conductivity and superior mechanical stability for their precision-engineered components.