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TECAMID® 66 has good rigidity, hardness, abrasion resistance and thermal dimensional stability. In addition, nylon 66 has outstanding wear resistance and low frictional properties. It also has very good temperature, chemical, and impact properties. Users should be aware of PA 66 propensity to absorb moisture which could affect dimensional stability. In fact, PA 66 will tend to absorb more moisture at saturation than cast PA type 6. It has been successfully used in diverse applications ranging from electronics, marine, and automotive industries, to forestry, construction and mining.

TECAMID® is a registered trademark of Ensinger.

Advantages of TECAMID® 66:

  • Good slide and wear properties
  • Electrically insulating
  • Good wear properties
  • Good weldable and bondable strength
  • High strength
  • Resistant to many oils, greases, and fuels
  • High toughness

Target industries:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Food technology
  • Electronics
  • Aircraft and aerospace technology
  • Automotive industry