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TECAMID® 66, a high-performance type of nylon provided by Ensinger, stands out in the engineering plastics market due to its excellent mechanical properties including rigidity, hardness, and high strength. This material is particularly noted for its outstanding wear resistance and low frictional properties, making it an optimal choice for applications where reduced wear and long service life are critical.

  • EXCEPTIONAL MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: TECAMID® 66 is known for its rigidity, hardness, and high strength, making it ideal for demanding engineering applications.
  • OUTSTANDING WEAR RESISTANCE: Features excellent wear and slide properties, reducing maintenance needs and extending component life.
  • THERMAL AND DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: Offers good thermal dimensional stability, though users should note its propensity to absorb moisture which may affect precision applications.
  • CHEMICAL AND IMPACT RESISTANT: Exhibits strong resistance to impact and various chemicals, enhancing its suitability for harsh environments.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Successfully used in diverse sectors including electronics, automotive, aerospace, marine, construction, and mining.
  • ELECTRICALLY INSULATING: Its insulating properties make it suitable for applications where electrical resistance is crucial.
  • RESISTANCE TO OILS AND FUELS: Effectively resists many oils, greases, and fuels, ensuring reliable performance in environments exposed to such substances.

In addition to its mechanical advantages, TECAMID® 66 provides good thermal dimensional stability, although it has a higher moisture absorption rate compared to other nylons, which users should consider when designing for dimensionally critical applications. Its robust impact resistance and chemical resilience make it suitable for a wide range of challenging environments found in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, and industrial sectors.TECAMID® 66 is also prized for its electrical insulating properties, adding an extra layer of safety and functionality in electrical and electronic applications. Furthermore, its resistance to oils, greases, and fuels offers additional versatility, making it a preferred choice for the automotive and aerospace industries, where exposure to such substances is common.