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Introducing TECAPEEK® SE NATURAL – the elite choice for semiconductor applications, where high-performance and reliability are non-negotiable. This variant of TECAPEEK®, tailored for the semiconductor industry, is derived from premium Victrex® PEEK 450G or Solvay Ketaspire® KT-820 polymer, embodying the pinnacle of polyaryletherketone excellence. Its fusion of remarkable wear and mechanical properties, even in severe thermal conditions, alongside superior chemical resistance and an impressive operational temperature threshold of up to 500°F, positions TECAPEEK SE NATURAL as the quintessential material for critically stressed components.

  • SEMICONDUCTOR SPECIALIZATION: Specifically designed for semiconductor applications, TECAPEEK® SE NATURAL meets the industry's stringent requirements, ensuring peak performance and material integrity in demanding environments.
  • ENHANCED CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: It delivers unparalleled resistance to aggressive chemicals, essential for semiconductor, aerospace, and chemical processing industries, maintaining integrity against a broad spectrum of substances.
  • OPTIMAL THERMAL RESILIENCE: Its capacity to withstand high operating temperatures up to 500°F makes it perfect for applications exposed to extreme heat, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • SUPERIOR DIMENSIONAL AND CREEP STABILITY: TECAPEEK® SE NATURAL's exceptional dimensional and creep stability is ideal for precision-engineered components, promising consistent performance over time.
  • BROAD INDUSTRY VERSATILITY: Its characteristics make it suitable for various sectors, including automotive, oil and gas, and food technology, offering wide-ranging application potential.
  • EXCELLENT MACHINABILITY: Known for its good machinability and outstanding slide and wear properties, it facilitates the manufacturing of complex and high-precision parts with ease.
  • HYDROLYSIS AND STEAM RESISTANCE: Resistance to hydrolysis and superheated steam enhances its suitability for challenging environments, promoting longevity and sustained performance.

TECAPEEK® SE NATURAL stands as a testament to engineering brilliance, exclusively using Victrex® resin. It combines ease of machinability with remarkable sliding and wear characteristics, hydrolysis, and steam resistance, making it a premier choice for the semiconductor industry and beyond.