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Presenting TECAPEI® GF30 NATURAL – a groundbreaking PEI material enhanced with 30% glass fibre, engineered for superior mechanical strength and dimensional stability. This advanced composite material is designed to meet the rigorous demands of industries where durability and precision are paramount. Leveraging the intrinsic qualities of PEI combined with the reinforcing power of glass fibres, TECAPEI® GF30 NATURAL sets a new standard in high-performance plastics.

  • ENHANCED STRENGTH: The integration of 30% glass fibre provides remarkable mechanical strength and rigidity, essential for demanding engineering applications.
  • EXCEPTIONAL DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: Offers exceptional dimensional stability, critical for precision components in aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries.
  • OUTSTANDING THERMAL RESILIENCE: Maintains performance and integrity in high-temperature environments, suitable for applications requiring a high degree of thermal resistance.
  • IMPROVED THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY: The glass fibre content enhances thermal conductivity, facilitating better heat dissipation for temperature-sensitive applications.
  • EXCELLENT CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making it ideal for use in chemical processing, medical devices, and more.
  • SUPERIOR WEAR RESISTANCE: Delivers enhanced wear resistance, making it suitable for components subjected to continuous or repetitive motion.
  • EASE OF PROCESSING: Despite its high glass fibre content, TECAPEI® GF30 NATURAL retains good machinability, allowing for the fabrication of complex designs with high precision.

TECAPEI® GF30 NATURAL exemplifies engineering excellence, combining the inherent benefits of PEI with the structural reinforcement of glass fibres. It is ideally suited for creating durable, high-precision parts across a diverse array of high-stress industries. Whether in the realm of aerospace, automotive, electronics, or medical technology, TECAPEI® GF30 NATURAL is your material of choice for applications where failure is not an option.