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TECASON® P MT, available through Port Plastics and manufactured by Ensinger, is a premier choice for medical application needs. This PSU/PPSU material, particularly in its grey variant, offers the perfect blend of performance, safety, and design flexibility for the healthcare industry. Recognized for its medical-grade certification, TECASON® P MT grey meets the rigorous standards required for medical devices, including compatibility with bodily fluids. The availability of multiple color options, including grey, empowers designers with the creative freedom to match material selection with the aesthetic and functional needs of their projects.
Beyond its visual appeal, TECASON® P MT is celebrated for its exceptional durability, ease of machining, and biomaterial compatibility, making it a versatile choice for a broad spectrum of medical applications. Its UV stability further enhances its suitability for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring longevity and performance. For those in the aerospace, semiconductor, medical, and energy sectors seeking a reliable, high-quality material solution, TECASON® P MT grey stands out as an optimal choice. 
  • MEDICAL GRADE MATERIAL: TECASON® P MT grey, certified for medical use, ensures safety and reliability in healthcare environments.
  • COLOR VARIETY FOR DESIGN: Offers a range of colors including grey, providing design flexibility for medical device manufacturing.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Known for its durability and high-quality performance in demanding medical applications.
  • EASY TO MACHINE: This material's machinability allows for the precise fabrication of complex components.
  • BIOMATERIAL COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for contact with bodily fluids, making it ideal for a wide range of medical devices.
  • UV STABILITY: Ensures long-term performance and aesthetic retention in various lighting conditions.

TECASON® P MT is ideally suited for engineers, designers, and manufacturers in the medical sector, as well as those involved in aerospace, semiconductor, and energy industries, who demand the highest standards of material quality, safety, and performance for their precision-engineered components.