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Introducing TECATRON® SE NATURAL, a specialized PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) formulation optimized for the semiconductor industry. This advanced material combines exceptional chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and thermal endurance, making it ideally suited for the stringent requirements of semiconductor manufacturing. TECATRON® SE NATURAL is engineered to withstand the rigorous processes of semiconductor production, including exposure to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures.

  • SEMICONDUCTOR OPTIMIZATION: Specifically formulated for semiconductor applications, providing unparalleled performance in critical environments.
  • CHEMICAL RESILIENCE: Exhibits superior resistance to a broad spectrum of chemicals, ensuring reliability in aggressive processing conditions.
  • HIGH THERMAL STABILITY: Capable of withstanding continuous exposure to high temperatures, maintaining integrity and performance.
  • EXCELLENT DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: Maintains precise dimensions under thermal stress, crucial for semiconductor manufacturing.
  • LOW MOISTURE ABSORPTION: Demonstrates minimal moisture absorption, enhancing its performance in wet processes.
  • OUTSTANDING PURITY: Offers high purity levels, minimizing the risk of contamination in sensitive semiconductor processes.
  • EASE OF MACHINING: Despite its durability, TECATRON® SE NATURAL allows for precise and efficient machining, facilitating the creation of complex parts.

TECATRON® SE NATURAL is the material of choice for the semiconductor industry, where high precision, stability, and chemical resistance are critical. Its modification for semiconductor applications highlights its role in advancing technology, making it indispensable for the production of semiconductor components. Embrace the future of semiconductor manufacturing with TECATRON® SE NATURAL.