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Thermalux® Stock Plastic Shapes are made from Udel® polysulfone resin.

Thermalux® Polysulfone (PSU) is an amber colored, semi-transparent, heat-resistant, high performance engineering thermoplastic that offers higher heat resistance and better hydrolytic stability than polycarbonate (PC). It retains its good mechanical properties when exposed to steam and other sterilization techniques.


These stock shapes remain stable, resisting creep and deformation under continuous load and elevated temperatures. They have high tensile strength and, as temperatures increase, flexural modulus remains high. Thermalux® products will withstand exposure to soap, detergent solutions and some hydrocarbon oils, even at elevated temperatures under moderate stress levels.

Advantages of Thermalux®: - Dimensionally stable - Easily machined - FDA compliant - Transparent grades available - Excellent mechanical and electrical properties - Steam resistant - Low outgassing levels