TimberLine™– Woodgrain HDPE

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TimberLine™– Woodgrain HDPE Sheet captures the eye with embossed woodgrain and unique coloring sheet to sheet, opening up new potential for cabinetry, kitchens, landscape architecture, marine use and other applications. Delivering the high-end, welcoming atmosphere normally achieved with wood, and retaining its natural color and wood texture. Through technologies that offer the highest level of performance and durability, TimberLine is low maintenance and worry-free. Designed with sustainability in mind, it offers unmatched versatility in exploring design possibilities, and even the flexibility to be heated and shaped for custom projects. Now you can transform any outdoor environment into a beautiful space for a lifetime of enjoyment. Advantages of TimberLine™– Woodgrain HDPE Sheet
  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Weatherability – UV stabilized
  • Easy to machine with standard tooling
  • Will not delaminate, chip, rot, or swell
  • No moisture absorption
  • Great impact and stiffness
  • In compliance with:
    • CPSIA
    • RoHS
    • REACH
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Landscape architecture
  • Marine architecture and storage
  • Outdoor cabinetry and storage
  • Building and construction elements
  • RV construction
  • Outdoor kitchens and dry spaces
  • Boat construction – cabinetry, hatch covers, etc.
  • Playground systems