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TUFFAK® SK1 polycarbonate sheet combines high light transmission and excellent light diffusion characteristics with a weatherable UV cap layer in a single product. Sunlight is uniformly dispersed without hot spots, making it the material of choice for daylighting applications. The product is available in white and with smooth or prismatic texture. TUFFAK SK1 HD can be drape or thermoformed for use in contoured applications such as domed skylights. In either flat or contoured geometries, it has significantly higher impact resistance compared to acrylic, impact modified acrylic or glass Advantages of TUFFAK® SK1:
  • UV resistant cap layer
  • Drape or thermoformable
  • Miami Dade NOA
  • Hail impact resistance (FM 4431)
  • Skylights
  • Sloped, vertical, and curved glazing
  • Glazed archways
  • Barrel vaults