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TUFFAK® TG sheet is a hard-coated polycarbonate product designed for high optical quality and exceptional durability. The sheet is available in monolithic 0.236˝ and 0.250˝ and when used as part of a Dual Glazed system, meets stringent U.S Federal Railroad requirements for impact, ballistic and flammability performance. TUFFAK TG 0.460” meets the FRA requirement as a monolithic product. State-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection processes provide low optical distortion and the advanced hard coat technology provides excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and long-lasting outdoor weathering performance. Advantages of TUFFAK® TG:
  • Low optical distortion
  • Meets Federal Railroad Administration requirements
  • High optical quality
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High UV resistance
  • Passenger rail car windows
  • Transportation glazing