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TUFFAK® VR sheet is a polycarbonate product designed for high optical quality and exceptional durability. Proprietary UV technology ensures long lasting outdoor weathering performance while protecting occupants from the sun’s harmful UV rays. State-of- the-art manufacturing processes provide low optical distortion for clear views and unparalleled sight lines. TUFFAK® VR can be easily cut and sewn, offering a high clarity, wrinkle free alternative to flexible vinyl. The product can be rolled, making it ideal for applications with limited storage. TUFFAK® VR maintains its impact strength in extreme temperatures to -30ºF. Advantages of TUFFAK® VR
  • High optical quality
  • Low optical distortion
  • Easily cut and sewn
  • Wrinkle free alternative to vinyl
  • Marine flexible enclosures
  • Tent and awning enclosures