Tygon® B-44-4X - Food, Milk, and Dairy Tubing

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Food and Beverage Dispensing Tubing

Tygon S3™ B-44-4X tubing from Saint-Gobain is lightweight and extremely flexible, readily accommodating abrupt corners and obstacle with ease. Compared to rigid piping, it has a very small footprint, is simple to install and only requires minimal couplings and fittings. Its glass-like clarity makes it easy to monitor and adjust the flow of foods or beverages during processing, and its smooth, non-porous bore inhibits particle entrapment, minimizing the potential for bacterial growth. Our food and beverage dispensing tubing is extremely resistant to harsh alkaline cleaners and sanitizers, and is ideal for aseptic filling, condiment dispensing, soft-serve dispensing, dairy processing and vitamin and flavor concentrate systems.

  • Smooth, non-porous bore will not trap particulates or promote bacterial growth
  • Resistant to harsh alkaline cleaners* and sanitizers
  • Excellent alternative to rigid piping systems
  • Contains no BPA or phthalates

Typical Applications*

  • Aseptic filling
  • Condiment dispensing
  • Dairy processing
  • Vitamin and flavor concentrate systems
  • Soft-serve dispensing

*For complete compliance information and appropriate use instructions, please refer to the detailed document of compliance. The complete compliance information and use instructions can be found in Related Documents.


Data Sheet:

Tygon S3™ B-44-4X