Tygon® E-1000 Ultra Soft Tubing

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Tygon® E-1000 Ultra-Soft Tubing

Tygon® E-1000 Tubing is an advanced formulation that is softer than other Tygon® tubing and provides an excellent solution to applications requiring complicated laboratory setups with sharp radius curves and multiple directional changes. Tygon E-1000 ultra-soft tubing resists twisting and collapse, which are common problems when using other tubing products. Tygon E-1000 has a maximum operating temperature of 125ºF (52ºC) and retains its flexibility in low temperatures. The clear tubing provides unobstructed visual monitoring of flow and is ideal for lab use with peristaltic pumps, synthesis and research set-ups, transfer of buffer solutions, cryogenic applications, and connection to drain lines.

The extremely low durometer (40) of Tygon® E-1000 provides minimal resistance to compression, which is ideal to accommodate the transfer of fluids in low-torque or battery-driven peristaltic pump applications. Tygon E-1000 resists many corrosive chemicals used in laboratories and provides an excellent alternative to silicone.

  • Soft and flexible for lab set-ups
  • Flexible at low temperatures
  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals for laboratory applications
  • Low durometer for use in low-torque pump applications
  • Meets FDA requirements for food contact


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Tygon® E-1000 Ultra-Soft Tubing