Versilon™ HP PFA 400 Chemical Transfer Tubing

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Flexible, High-Purity PFA Tubing

Discover the superior capabilities of Versilon™ HP PFA 400 Chemical Transfer Tubing from Saint-Gobain, available at Port Plastics. This tubing is a paradigm of excellence in handling the most aggressive chemicals while maintaining an extraordinary level of purity.

The smooth surface inner bore is a standout feature, providing outstanding non-wettability. This characteristic not only facilitates efficient batch-to-batch clean-out and purging but also ensures the highest standards of cleanliness, crucial for sensitive industries like semiconductor manufacturing.

Versilon™ HP PFA 400 is not just another tubing; it's a flexible, high-purity solution designed to meet the stringent demands of industries where chemical resistance and purity are non-negotiable. It's perfectly suited for the semiconductor industry, among others, where its unique properties provide a competitive edge.

In addition to its specialized application in the semiconductor sector, this tubing brings unmatched flexibility to your industrial setup. Its design allows easy installation and adaptability in complex systems. With batch-to-batch consistency, Versilon™ HP PFA 400 guarantees uniform quality and performance, making it a reliable choice for your operations.


  • High-purity PFA material
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Smooth inner bore for cleanliness
  • Ideal for semiconductor manufacturing
  • Flexible design for ease of use
  • Consistent quality in every batch
  • Durable and long-lasting

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