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Zelux® M polycarbonate exemplifies the pinnacle of engineering plastics, offering a harmonious balance between mechanical robustness and adaptability across diverse service temperatures. Renowned for its remarkable dimensional stability and an impressive blend of strength and stiffness, Zelux® M is the material of choice for an array of electrical applications. Its low moisture absorption rate, coupled with superior electrical insulating properties (Dielectric Strength 760 v/mil), and an outstanding flammability rating (UL Yellow Card file E240206), mark it as an industry standard in safety and reliability. Beyond its technical merits, Zelux® M stands out for its ease of fabrication, painting, and gluing, making it a versatile option for various manufacturing needs.

  • IMPACT RESISTANCE: Designed to withstand significant forces, Zelux® M offers unparalleled impact resistance for protective and safety applications.
  • STRENGTH AND STIFFNESS: Maintains exceptional strength and stiffness, ensuring durability and reliability across a broad range of service temperatures.
  • DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: Exhibits superior dimensional stability, critical for precision components and assemblies.
  • ELECTRICAL INSULATION: With its excellent electrical insulating properties, Zelux® M is ideal for electrical and electronic components, safeguarding against electrical hazards.
  • LOW MOISTURE ABSORPTION: Its minimal moisture absorption enhances performance in humid environments, preserving the integrity of the material.
  • EASE OF MACHINABILITY: Zelux® M can be easily machined, painted, and glued, offering flexibility in design and application.

Applications of Zelux® M extend from translucent impact shields, fluid handling components, manifolds, and housings to prototyping parts and electrical insulating components. It also serves as an excellent metal replacement for weight reduction purposes. With Zelux® M, Port Plastics provides a solution that embodies innovation, efficiency, and adaptability, catering to the modern demands of engineering and manufacturing sectors.